Kamouflage – Naughty Pleasure

Kamouflage – Naughty Pleasure

Release Date 24-08-22

vBeat Records

Kamouflage is the name – Naughty Pleasure is the album. David Banks (producer/musician) Steven Roberts (producer/engineer) and Louise Ennis (vocals).A team to produce many great uplifting tracks.

This album contains 13 top tunes including title track Naughty Pleasure, Never Leave You Alone, Lived How I Wanted To, Shining on the Inside to the chilled Caught the Night Chill. A wondrous selection from a talented trio!

Originally based on the top floor in a squat in a derelict Victorian house in Brixton Rd London Louise recalls when she first started working with the guys  “I was a bit reluctant to work there at first but I soon discovered these guys had a great sounding studio, good security, a sense of humour and some very special uplifting dance tunes!”

Check this out.. Get some Naughty Pleasure, get some Kamouflage!

1.  Naughty Pleasure 02:40
2.  Never Leave You Alone 02:10
3. Lived How I Wanted To 02:14
4. Shining on the Inside 03:11
5. Luvz Got You 02:42
6. Stars 05:32
7.  Caught the Night Chill 02:51
8.  Trend Up 02:07
9.  Before It All (Club Edit)03:04
10  I Don’t Want to Fall for You 02:36
11. Gotta Run (Quirky 90s London Mix) 03:53
12. I Believe I Can Fly 04:08
13. Play with Me 02:02

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